There are things that I think about when I’m doing my makeup everyday - it’s not just a process, it’s a frame of mind on how I’m going to face the world.
— H. Butterwegge

Raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Portland has always given Heather a sense of the world around her and the importance of taking care both it and the people in it.

Graduate of the Art of Makeup school in Vancouver, WA, Heather has loved makeup since before she could even pronounce 'lipstick' correctly, and finds makeup artistry to be a form of creating beauty in the world through a completely new perspective.

Heather has been a committed vegan since 2012 and hopes to help bring cruelty-free, vegan, and environmentally friendly makeup products to the forefront of the makeup industry.  She moved to Los Angeles, California in 2016 to continue to grow her work in this very important field of makeup artistry.

She's had the opportunity to work for serveral types of events ranging from runway shows to print shoots and interviews and enjoys the process of meeting new people and impacting their views on what beauty can really mean.

Values: Heather genuinely believes that every person is intrinsically beautiful. She strives to help all people realize their holistic, individual beauty and empower them with the tools to leverage make-up artistry as a means of enhancing their true self. A person’s daily make-up routine should be a ritual; one which creates an external reflection of an internal strength and confidence. Her encompassing viewpoint of beauty embraces a culture of cultivating elegance through beautiful means, resulting in our use of natural products that are healthy for each person as well as the planet. Beau Monde literally means “Beautiful World,” and her commitment is to the enhancement of each individual’s internal beauty without sacrificing the beauty of the world in which we thrive.

Mission Statement: I will educate my clients on how to realize and expose their inner radiance through the utilization of our knowledge and talents in make-up artistry. My exclusive use of vegan, cruelty-free products promotes a personal and global manifestation of beauty, emphasizing my commitment to truly beautifying the world.